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A lot of people are nervous when organizing a trip for their family. Prices can sky rocket quickly and several places may not cater to children, or offer the kind of activities and services required when travelling with children. We will outline a handful of great locations for you and your family that can cater for your childrens’ needs, and we have our finger on the button when it comes to special family deals that will help you keep within your budget. Having brought up children in the bush in Africa ourselves, we understand the challenges you are facing and can point you to some of the best camps and lodges who will not only cater for your family but welcome them in the warm, African way.

Best Places for Family Safaris:From experience, children mind less how many animals they see and do not like sitting in a vehicle for hours on end, even when presented with extremely rare or dangerous species of animals. A balance of activities and spending time trying new things, such as learning about tracks, inspecting bones and animal poo seems to grab the young most, whilst teenagers usually benefit from more physical activities such as walking, canoeing, climbing hills, fly-camping, fishing and visiting traditional villages. A safari is a unique holiday as it enthralls all members of the family and can be a very bonding experience, sometimes without even realizing it!

We can put together a family safari for you in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia or Zimbabwe and from the outset will understand what you and your family need. You will be amazed by the friendliness of the people in the camps and lodges and how happily they welcome children of all ages. Our choice of family friendly destinations will cater for fussy eaters, provide early suppers of fresh finger food for children in a safari vehicle when they don’t want to miss out on a family drive but also don’t want to sit through a three course dinner with the adults after dark. Flexibility is key and we will send you to camps that not only accept children but welcome them.

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